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Google Shopping Ads Service

Google Shopping Ads Service

Do you need Google Shopping Ads for Your Business? We help you out in adding Product Listing Ads on Google. We rank you in the showcase with the most views in the world, we guaranteeing that you receive quality traffic and that your conversions increase return on investment (ROI).

We help you reach an audience that is not only interested in your product, but also looks for where to buy it. We optimize the title and description of your products to show them to users who are looking to purchase them.

We carry out a complete digital inventory of your products and advise you on your optimal competitiveness niche. Through this analysis we will help you become more attractive than your competition and increase your sales.

We offer you analysis of the results of each campaign and assign you an advisor who will monitor that you obtain an adequate return on investment. We guarantee maximum attention and responsible budget management.

Advertising In Google Shopping

One of the platforms that have revolutionized the operation of online shopping in recent times has been Google Shopping Ads.

It is a website that compares prices between different online stores for the same product, offering users the possibility of acquiring it through the companies’ own websites.

As this platform is proposed, the user does not have a cost to upload their products to Shopping, but it requires them to spend time setting up a data feed that uploads them to the Google Shopping engine. It is also compatible with paid advertising formats to acquire preferred positions within the return of results.

As with the search network, the ads are identified and separated from the rest of the results.

Google Shopping Requirements

  • Name of the online store
  • Descriptive data
  • Website address as it is uploaded to Search Console
  • Contact details as they are in Google Business
  • Customer Service Contact

Once the account is created, the products must be added using a data feed that complies with the taxonomic and labelling system of Google Shopping

Uploaded data can take up to 15 days to update. That is why it is necessary to carry out a study of the previous competition and carry out the SEO optimization   of the descriptions, titles, names and all the data that will be returned after the user’s consultation.

Google Shopping Advantages

Having a product feed uploaded to the Google Shopping platform will   allow you to increase the conversions of your online store and increase the traffic of your website. However, you should not lose sight of the fact that the user browsing this network can order the products according to the criteria that is most convenient for them, such as by ascending price. For this reason it is always recommended to study the competition to maintain a competitive level and guarantee the maximum possible conversions within your profit margin.

One of the great advantages of this platform is that it allows small businesses and SMEs to compete on equal terms with the big brands and companies in their sector. The selection criteria of Google PLA ads do not discriminate based on the importance of the company, but the products require SEO optimization to enhance their visibility.