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We Capture Information, Not Only From Newsletter Subscribers, But Also From Email Marketing Campaigns.

Email Marketing Campaign in Ahmedabad

Email Marketing

We Create Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Campaign We capture information, not only from newsletter subscribers, but also from Email Marketing Campaigns.

Our team of Online Email Marketing experts study every step to bypass automatic spam engines.

The story doesn’t end when the email is sent; we chase the best result and continually optimize the follow-up to get the best result with each send.

Email marketing has the power to create a link with the user who joins your newsletter. We help you generate a correct structure to create and improve this link of great interest to increase sales.

What Do We Offer You?

Within the spectrum of advertising formats through the Internet there is one that remains unchanged over the years. It’s about Email Marketing.

The online email marketing born almost at the same network that domestic Internet access. This has made it the digital advertising area with the largest base of knowledge, experience and, therefore, notions for its optimization.


One of the main problems many companies encounter when they decide to do email marketing campaign on their own is dealing with spam filters. The pattern is usually always the same. Firstly, the emails arrive without problems, after a while the emails do not even reach the destination server and what is more serious. Company emails also do not reach customers.

For this reason it is necessary to take into account the recommendations for bulk senders from email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft. Among these recommendations there are several that are fundamental:

  • SMTP configuration
  • Configuration of the DKIM keys
  • Configuration of Sender Policy Framework
  • DMARC configuration
Email Marketing Service


In addition to the recommendations and policies of the different providers for bulk mailings, it is necessary to take into account other factors to ensure that users, who are, after all, spammers, trust our company and are interested in our emails.

Subscription system: It is important to have a subscription system that allows users to register voluntarily to receive promotions and information via email. It is necessary to provide our clients and potential clients with quality content and offer them a way to subscribe to keep them updated with news, articles, manuals, tutorials, etc.

Benefits Of Email Marketing Campaign

After the general recommendations for bulk shipments, we will analyse what the key points of this support are and what they can contribute to a company.

On average, and this is always variable depending on the volume of subscribers and the prospecting system used, a  mailing campaign  has a click rate of between 2.5% and 5%, with an average opening rate of between 20% and 25%. According to these data, we must assess that it is essential that the header of our email must be attractive enough to encourage reading. This is one of the reasons for betting on quality email.

Email Marketing Service