About ME

About Us

I’m Hemali Belani, and I work as a Freelance Online Marketing Consultant in Ahmedabad.

I had completed my P.G.D.C.A at Saurashtra University. Since 2008, I’m working in the Digital Marketing Industry. After investing 12 years in the Online marketing industry, I can say that everyone needs to invest online for their business growth.

My professional values are responsibility, consistency and customer loyalty to help you achieve your goals and objectives in a world as competitive as today.

Today, specialized in the latest Digital Marketing Trends without losing my knowledge of financial analysis to help companies and professionals improve their income statement.

Among them, the creation and management of Marketing Strategies and the management of SEM and PPC Campaigns in which I have specialized.


  • Certification in Google Analytics
  • Certification in Google AdWords
  • Certification in Bing Ads

I had an experience in multiple industries such as Agriculture, Ceramics, Construction, Consumer, Dye & Chemical, Dental, E-Commerce, Electrical & Electronic, Engineering, General, Medical, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Plastic & Packaging, Real Estate & Hospitality & Textile.

I help companies and professionals to design strategies, develop action plans, and implement techniques to take advantage of the full potential that online marketing offers. Helping them reach their potential customers, show them all the value they provide with a differential value proposition, and turn them into satisfied customers through advanced sales techniques.

Problems That You Will Solve By Hiring My Services

  1. Lack of knowledge about the use of the tool and sales techniques.
  2. Problems interpreting the data it offers and optimizing your campaigns.
  3. Lack of strategy to help you achieve ambitious goals.
  4. Not having time to manage and optimize your account.
  5. You want to self-manage your account but you don’t get results when applying techniques that don’t work.
  6. You need help to audit your account and define your strategy.

If you feel identified with any of these cases, you are in the right place. My job as a Google Ads Consultant is focused on increasing the benefits of my clients, by optimizing their investment as much as possible so that they can take their business to the next level. I am helping them to get a business that is going from strength to strength and allowing them to enjoy the important things in life.